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Plants: Essential Processes Short-Day Plant - Plant in which blooming is affected by photoperiod so that flowering occurs when the hours of darkness in a 24-hour photoperiod rise above a certain level. Sieve Element - A living conductive cell of phloem. Sink - Regions of the plant, such as growing tissues, that are in need of nutrients; characterized by low turgor pressure. Source - Nutrient-rich region, such as a leaf, that supplies sugars for the rest of the plant; characterized by high turgor pressure. Symplast - The pathway from the root surface to the core by which water enters the root hair membrane and travels through the cytoplasm of adjacent cells, via channels that connect their contents. Target Cell - A cell that receives hormone signals. TATC - Transpiration-Adhesion-Ttension-Cohesion; the mechanism by which scientists theorize that fluids are pulled upward through the xylem (driven by transpiration, the evaporation of water from the leaf, and the cohesion between water molecules).
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