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Plants: Essential Processes Hormone - A hormone is a chemical that affects the ways in which an organism functions; it is produced in one part of the plant body but, by traveling to target cells throughout the body, affects many other parts as well. Inhibitor - One in a class of plant hormones that inhibits growth and prolongs dormancy in buds and seeds. Leaf Abscission - Hormone-stimulated leaf loss; caused by the formation of a weak, thin- walled abscission layer at the base of the leaf. Long-Day Plant - Plant in which blooming is affected by photoperiod so that flowering occurs when the hours of darkness in a 24-hour photoperiod fall below a certain level. Osmosis - The passive diffusion of water across a membrane. Osmotic concentration refers to the concentration of solutes (dissolved substances) in the water; when the osmotic concentrations of two regions differ, water will flow from the area of low concentration to the area of high concentration. In contrast, the solutes themselves will flow from areas of high osmotic
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