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Unformatted text preview: Protista Algae Algaes are difficult to define. Some classify the group as all eukaryotic photosynthesizing microorganisms. This definition includes the Euglenoid and Dinoflagellates groups, both of which are known to be more closely related to other groups of non-photosynthesizing protozoa than to other algae. For this reason, those two groups are sometimes classified as protozoa rather than algae. In this discussion, we will group euglenoids and dinoflagellates with the algae so that we may compare their photosynthetic characteristics. Keep in mind that this inclusion does not imply close relation to other algae. Another difficulty in classifying algae is determining whether they are protists, plants , or whether they merit their own kingdom. Different classification systems answer this question in different ways, with some even splitting the group between the kingdoms Protista and Plantae. Here we have grouped algae with protozoa and slime molds in Protista because mthe majority of algae are...
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