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Protista Terms Alternation of generations - A reproductive strategy that involves a succession of haploid and diploid phases. Ameboid motion - Type of motion in which cytoplas can flow beneath the cell membrane into new branches called pseudopods, helped by filaments of a structural protein called actin, causing the cell to move in a given direction. Cilia - Short hair-like projections found on eukaryotic cells that can help the cell move or can sweep food particles toward the mouth. Chlorophyll - The pigment found in green plants and algae that allows them to undergo photosynthesis Chloroplasts - The organelles in which photosynthesis takes place in green plants and algae. Endosymbiotic theory - This theory states that eukaryote organelles may have evolved when large eukaryotic organisms engulfed but did not digest smaller organisms and a symbiotic
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Unformatted text preview: relationship arose. Isogamus - An organism that has only one type of gamete rather than separate male and female gametes. Macronucleus - In ciliates, the large nucleus that holds many copies of the cells genetic material. It is responsible for the growth and metabolism of the cell. Micronucleus - In ciliates, the smaller nucleus responsible for the transmission of genetic material during sexual reproduction. Oral groove - In ciliates, the membrane structure that functions in food uptake. Pinocytosis - Method of food uptake in which a liquid or small food particle is sucked into an invagination in the cell membrane, which then folds in on itself and pinches off from the cell membrane to become a small vacuole....
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