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ACCT 5907-assignment 2_2011_S2 - ACCT 5907 INTERNATIONAL...

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1 ACCT 5907 INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATMENT ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2 2011 GROUP ASSIGNMENT 2 (due week beginning 17 Oct 2011 –in class) 1. General requirements You are given the 2010 annual report of Nuplex Industries Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the New Zealand Stock Exchange. The annual report is available on BlackBoard. You can find more financial information on the company at You can also obtain annual report information from the library website (Sirius) LD62NBMR99-38394?func=find-db-1 Click on Find Resource and then type in Connect 4. Follow the links from there to look for the annual report. Analyse how the following activities have affected Nuplex’s 2010 performance. In your analysis, you should use the techniques you have acquired in this course to provide suitable adjustments to the accounts in order to reveal the ‘true’ economic impact of these activities. Your discussion should include whether the adjustments made affected the profitability, solvency, liquidity, and activity indicators of the company. You should only focus on key indicators affected by your adjustments. Have your conclusions about the company changed
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ACCT 5907-assignment 2_2011_S2 - ACCT 5907 INTERNATIONAL...

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