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ST SCI 3100 HW 4 There are 231 hospitals in New York State according to the New York State Hospital Profile . In a study of patient outcomes, regulators attempt a 20% simple random sample of n =46 of these. However, only 28 complete responses are obtained. Upon inspection, non-response is found to vary by region, so that the final observed sample sizes are District n Capital 6 Central 5 Long Island 2 New Rochelle 4 NYC 3 Buffalo 4 Rochester 4 . The investigators assume that response is MCAR within post-strata.
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Unformatted text preview: They measure a quantitative "outcome score" for each sampled hospital, and calculate the average within post-strata, say , , , listed in the order above. 1) Explain, as concretely as possible (obtain relevant population-size data from the website above), how to compute the post-stratified estimate of the overall population mean. 2) Propose a more fine-grained post-stratification. What are the pro's and con's?...
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