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abnormal conclusion - real as if they were actually there...

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Shutter Island does a good job of portraying the disturbances present within the disorders the protagonist suffers from. They did an especially great job with his DID making the viewer truly believe the fictional creations of the character. This, in turn shocked watchers at the end when they discover that Teddy (Andrew) was a patient there. Also the flashbacks and memories do great justice in my opinion to what someone who experienced WWII might have had. The random delusions throughout the movie felt very
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Unformatted text preview: real, as if they were actually there, which is a great example I’m sure of what people who suffer from delusions see. Lastly, the film presents the effects and consequences of substance abuse. Many people fail to realize how dangerous and serious substance abuse can be, but the movie shows a great example of what you could fail to miss if you drink too much....
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