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Do you feel that that Kohlberg’s stages of moral development are well developed? Or are they unrealistic to some extent? I think they are well developed. Most people fall into one stage or another throughout their life span. The video made great examples with the shock experiment to show the different stages and how they would react. Do you feel that all people equally go through these stages sequentially, without skipping any stage? No, I do not think people go through these sequentially. Every person is different and therefore we go through life with different ideals and morals. Some people develop there own set of morals, while others adapt to whatever cultural or environmental ones they are exposed to, making them stuck in one or skipping others. Close to the end of the film it was stated that few adults will ever actually attain level 6 of morality. Do you believe this to be true? No, because few people spend their lives trying to find what is right and wrong because most people just follow an already established code of ethics. What stage of moral development do you feel you are in or do find that the situation dictates how you react? I
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