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I was a very talkative and hyperactive when I was younger

I was a very talkative and hyperactive when I was younger -...

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1. I was a very talkative and hyperactive when I was younger, especially when upset. I wouldn't throw tantrums, but i would definitely make the point made that I was upset. I would cry or look very sad, and since I could talk from an early age I would actually express my feelings somewhat. I was never really separated from my parents. My mother was a stay at home mom, and she along with my housekeeper, which is a second mother to me, would cater to my every need. So i really have no recollection of being separated from them. 2. No, all my relationships are Independent from one another. My current relationships do not reflect any of which I remember being brought up with. For example although my boyfriend spoils me with stuff and treats me really well I don’t feel the connection between the characteristics he shows towards me and the characteristics I remember being raised with. 3. Yes, I do think that attachment can be related to cultural and
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Unformatted text preview: environmental aspects to a certain extent. It is also part of our human nature 1. John Bowlby wrote several papers on the ties between a child and his mother. When asked about it, Richard compared the fear we have as children when our mother leaves and with the feeling of "frantic" and as though "demons are after us." Similarly as adults, if a loved one dies, we feel hurt that our once "confined love" has been taken away. I wonder if our culture/environment as children was different, would our experiences transfer in the same way into adulthood? Is attachment a cultural concept we create? 2. In regards to the attachment controversy, the interviewer mentioned that "many treat attachment as the theory of everything." Do you agree with this statement, or do you find that attachment really can be just one study pertaining only to the development of personality?...
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