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Unformatted text preview: Neuro Psychology Test Questions 1-A gyrus describes the _______ of the cerebral cortex while the _______ describes the valleys. 2-_______ is toward the ______ while caudal is toward the ______ 3-In the cerebral cortex, superior is to ______ as posterior is to ________ 4-Glial cells are the ________ 5-The three main parts that define the neuron are… __________ 6-The ventricles are filled with ___________________ 7-The lumbar enlargement describes… ________________________________________ 8-The ___________ is a collection of axons connecting the two hemispheres 9-Three subdivisions of the brain stem are… _____________________________ 10-The caudate and putamen comprise the __________ 11-The amygdala is located in the __________________ 12-Which of the following is not a lobe of the cortex…________________________ . 13-The occipital lobe process information primarily in what sensory domain? ______ 14-There are ___ layers of cortex 15-Different Brodman areas are defined by differences in...
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