Chapter One - Biological Roots of Psychology-Johannes...

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Chapter One What is Psychology? Psychology is the scientific study of the causes of behavior. Why is behavior studied? - To understand human behavior - To explain why people do what they do Fields of Psychology - Scientists - Practioners Areas of Psychological Research - Physiological - Comparative - Behavior Genetics - Cognitive Psychology - Cognitive Neuroscience (Brain) - Developmental - Social - Personality - Evolutionary - Cross-cultural - Clinical (40% of all Psychologists) Applied Psychology - Clinical Neuropsychologist - Health Psychologist - School Psychologist - Community Psychologist - Engineering Psychologist - Forensic Psychologist Philosophical Roots of Psychology - René Descartes (1596 – 1650): Dualist (Mind & Matter follow separate laws); Rationalism - John Locke (1632 – 1704): Monist (Mind & Matter follow the same laws); Empiricism
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Unformatted text preview: Biological Roots of Psychology-Johannes Muller (1801 – 1858): doctrine of specific nerve energies-Paul Broca (1824 – 1880): localization of speech production-Gustav Fritsch (1833 – 1927) & Eduard Hitziig (1893 – blahblah)-Hermann von Helmholtz-Ernest weber Chapter Four Planning Moving Frontal lobes – involved in planning strategies for action, evaluating them, and changing them in necessary Cerebellum – knows that movements the front lobes intend to accomplish and what it is doing Basal ganglia – involved in the ctntrol of particularly slow motor movements Hippocampus – spatial orientation and episodic memory or out ability to learn and remember experience from our daily lives...
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Chapter One - Biological Roots of Psychology-Johannes...

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