Lecture 33 Notes - Lecture 33 Choline II (Perinatal)...

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Lecture 33 – Choline II (Perinatal) 11/29/11 Identify the factors that contribute to an increased use of choline during pregnancy and lactation Identify potential benefits of consuming an adequate amount of choline during the perinatal period Describe the effect of pregnancy on biomarkers of choline metabolism and the potential implications of these changes List some of the consequences of increasing maternal choline intake in third trimester pregnant women Provide a mechanism by which a higher maternal choline intake may be influencing fetal cortisol Appreciate the importance of cholineduring lactation and the benefits of breastfeeding on infant cholinenutriture I. CHOLINE USAGE – PREGNANCY 1. Support Growth of fetus - Rapid cell growth - Endogenous (de novo) synthesis NOT present in placenta Maternal source = fetus source 2. Lower risk of NTDs DIET Higher choline intake lower risk ( 51%↓) CIRCULATIO N High circulating Choline lower NTDs GENETIC Genetic variants in CDP pathway modify NTD risks
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Lecture 33 Notes - Lecture 33 Choline II (Perinatal)...

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