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Lecture 7 Notes - Lecture 7 Folate B12 Hypocromic...

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Lecture 7 – Folate / B12 09/22/2011 Hypocromic Microcytosis - smaller RBC Megaloblastic anemia - larger RBC Pernicious anemia – low/ ni IF ( Low B12 absorption) I. FOLATE (leaf) Background - Sources - Green / Leafy veggies - Liver - Lentils - OJ/ Cereal (fortified) Synthesis - De Novo i. Bacteria ii. Plants Metabolsim Bioavailability (- 50-90 % food loss) Folic acid (most available) Dietary form Polyglutamyl folate Supplemetation Monoglutamate folic acid Absorption (-) Drugs/alcohol Intake / Recommendatio n - Men/ Women – 400 ug/day - Pregnancy – 600 ug/day - Lactation -- 500 ug/day Assessment -Serum Folate < 3 ug/L -RBC Folate < 140 ug/L Functions DNA/RNA synthesis AA synthesis RBC/WBC formation Status measurement Serum folate (< 3ng/ml) RBC folate (< 140 ng/ml)
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Deficiency Consequences - DNA synthesis i. Megaloblastic anemia ii. Neural tube defects iii. Cancer - Methylation i. Hyperhomocysteinimia I. VITAMIN B12 Background Sources Animal meat foods Organs/Red Fish Egg Milk Fortified Cereals Metabolism Absorption
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Lecture 7 Notes - Lecture 7 Folate B12 Hypocromic...

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