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Lecture 13 – Breastfeeding & Infant feeding 10/18/2011 I. Terminology 1. Lactation – Physical process of milk production 2. BF – complex behavior patterns 9surrounding lactation ) where infant obtain mother`s milk 3. EBF – human milk only source of nutrients and water. II. Breastfeeding and Mortality RR of mortality (0-1 month) A. Optimal breastfeeding - Early Initiation (within 1 hour of birth)
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Unformatted text preview: i. Reduces mortality in risky environment -EBF for 6 months-Continue BF after CF introduction (at least until 2 yo) III. BENEFITS OF BF 1. Provides essential nutrients 2. Immunologic substances (protection against diseases) 3. Clean - protection against environmental pathogens 4. Economical 5. Mother – baby bond develop...
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