Lecture 20 Notes - Low Y, High BMI OBESITY HEALTH...

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Lecture 20 – Obesity 11/22/11 I. PREVALENCE Magnitude (MAP) - Eastern Pacific Island - >80% Overweight & Obesity (country-specific) - Nauru – highest obesity rate (obesity > overweight) - America- leading in obesity - Africa – overweigh mostly Overweight & Obesity (Sub-Regions) - DRC – women obesity vs men↓ (large difference) - Low- income countries – overweight > underweight (WOMEN) urban obesity > Rural obesity II. NUTRITION TRANSITION A. THREE TRANSITIONS - Nutrition transition – high fat, CHO || Low fiber, fruits - Demographic low fertility || High life expectancy. - Epidemiologic - infectious NCDs B. INCOME – DIET (National Level)
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CASE STUDY – CHINA - Extremely Rapid transition - > 20 years - High Y, High BMI
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Unformatted text preview: Low Y, High BMI OBESITY HEALTH EXPENDITURES-1990s- 2-7% already OBESITY INCOME-Not equally distributed in society E.g: In High income countries : Less educated More Obese-KOREA Men 20% lower (new boss) Women 18 times higher (division of labor, culture, social perception) NUTRITION TRANSITION-Hunter gathering-Agrarian-High Inactivity -Sedimentary lifestyle (overweight >> underweight)-Healthy behaviors III. CAUSES A. Globalization 1. Liberalization of international food trade 2. Foreign Direct Investment 3. Emergence of global agribusiness & transnational companies 4. Retail restructuring (transnational supermarkets) 5. Food ads & promotion...
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Lecture 20 Notes - Low Y, High BMI OBESITY HEALTH...

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