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Sisi Zhang MGMT 350-Business Ethics Professor: Dr. Joan Marques January 21, 2012 Chapter 2 Questions: 5. This is a ground rule for any talent management meeting and discussion: “We all, as a team, are collectively are responsible for building a stronger organization. We need to be candid, listen to each other, and help develop each other’s employees.” In a functional or segmented organization, talent development is often one of the few things a management team can actually work on together. A talent analysis meeting uncovers both individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses. The accuracy of assessing performance improves with multiple data points. Manager’s often have blind spots with their own employees, and are unaware of how they are perceived by others. These discussions can help shine a light on superstars and poor performers. 9. As my evaluation of the usefulness of stakeholder theory, I have few opinions and thoughts about the pros and cons. Stakeholder not only helps company develop and execute better strategies and decisions, but also reminds company of any related potential risks. On the other hand, stakeholder keeps changing, thus the best way of Stakeholder analysis is being regularity and persistent. Plus, lack of constructiveness cooperative relationship between companies and stakeholders can easily found
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nowadays. Overall I still give positive evaluation to stakeholder theory; it is an indivisible part of a company. Exercises: 1. The most stakeholder models include customers. In my experience as a customer, I went to perfume counter to buy a perfume for my mother. I intended to pick up a nice bottle to try the taste of it. However, this perfume is broken; it dropped down to the floor, then it completely broken. The sales came to me, and said “You have to compensate this perfume by original price”. I refute her that perfume already broken, when I took it out that the cover is loose. They should change a new one before customers try it. But they did not listen to me and just asked me to compensation money, the reason is because I broke it, no matter how I argue. Finally, I had to compensate them for money. I think it was not a win-win
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mgmt350-2 - Sisi Zhang MGMT 350-Business Ethics Professor:...

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