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Unformatted text preview: University of California, Davis Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science ECH 157 - Process Dynamics and Control Fall 2011 MID-QUARTER EXAMINATION Instructions: This is a two-hour closed-book closed-notes examination. Please print your name on all answer sheets, label the problems clearly and put them in the right order, and staple your papers. Read all questions carefully; answer them concisely and neatly. You must hand in this exam paper along with your booklet; both will be returned to you after grading. Point values in the left-hand margins are based on 100 points total for the exam. Good Luck!! Hints for Good Performance: 1. To receive credit, please be sure to show all work in the appropriate section of the answer booklet and explain your answer and key steps in your solution. 2. You are provided with information to answer all questions. In some cases, extraneous information may be provided. If you believe that additional information is required, note this in your answer and define the value or symbol you will use for the parameter/variable. 3. Manage your time according to the points per question. Don’t get “stuck” on a question; first, answer the questions that you understand best. Give a “good” answer for each question, and near the end of the exam, return to “polish” the answers. Problem 1: Consider the two-tank system shown in the figure below. The cross sectional area of tank 1 is 4 ft 2 , and that of the second tank is 8 ft 2 . The head-flow resistances are R 1 = 2 ft / ( ft 3 / min ) and R 2 = 4 ft / ( ft 3 / min ) , respectively....
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2012 for the course ECH 157 taught by Professor Palagozu during the Fall '08 term at UC Davis.

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F11_ECH157_Midterm - University of California, Davis...

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