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HW 6. Due: 11/11/11 NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF WORK IS NOT SHOWN!! Problems (all from book) 8.6 One hundred moles of hydrogen gas at 298 K are reversibly and isothermally compressed from 30 to 10 liters. The van der Waals constants for hydrogen are a = 0.2461 L 2 -atm/mole 2 and b = 0.02668 L/mole, and in the range of pressure 0 – 1500 atm, the virial equation for hydrogen is PV = RT (1+ 6.4*10 -4 P). Calculate the work that must be done on the system to effect the required change in volume and compare this with the values that would be calculated assuming that (1) hydrogen behaves as a van der Waals gas and (2) hydrogen behaves as an ideal gas. 9.1 One mole of solid Cr 2 O 3 at 2500 K is dissolved in a large volume of a liquid Raoultian solution of Al 2 O 3 and Cr 2 O 3 in which X Cr2O3 = 0.2 and which is also at 2500 K. Calculate the changes in enthalpy and entropy caused by the addition. The
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Unformatted text preview: normal melting temperature of Cr 2 O 3 is 2538 K, and it can be assumed that the S m,Al2O3 = S m,Cr2O3 . 9.2 When 1 mole of argon gas is bubbled through a large volume of an Fe-Mn melt of X Mn = 0.5 at 1863 K evaporation of Mn into the Ar causes the mass of the melt to decrease by 1.50 g. The gas leaves the melt at a pressure of 1 atm. Calculate the activity coefficient of Mn in the liquid alloy. 9.3 The variation, with composition, of G XS for liquid Fe-Mn alloys at 1863 K is listed below. a. Does the system exhibit regular solution behavior? b. Calculate G XS Fe and G XS Mn at X Mn = 0.6. c. Calculate G M at X Mn = 0.4. d. Calculate the partial pressure of Mn and Fe exerted by the alloy of X Mn = 0.2....
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