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F12_EMS_160_HW8 - Δ H° m,Ge at T m,Ge is 36,900 J 10.7...

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HW 8. Due: 12/06/11 NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF WORK IS NOT SHOWN!! Problems (all from book) 10.6 The binary system Ge-Si contains complete solid and liquid solutions. The melting temperature are T m,Si = 1685 K and T m,Ge = 1210 K, and Δ m,Si = 50,200 J. At 1200°C the liquidus and solidus compositions are, respectively, X Si = 0.32 and X Ge = 0.665. Calculate the value of Δ m,Ge assuming a. That the liquid solutions are ideal. b. That the solid solutions are ideal. Which assumption gives the better estimate? The actual value of
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Unformatted text preview: Δ H° m,Ge at T m,Ge is 36,900 J. 10.7 CaO and MgO form a simple eutectic system with limited ranges of solid solubility. The eutectic temperature is 2370°C. Assuming that the solutes in the two solid solutions obey Henry’s law with γ ° CaO in MgO = 12.88 and γ ° MgO in CaO = 6.23 at 2300°C, calculate the solubility of CaO in MgO and the solubility of MgO in CaO at 2300°C....
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