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January 28,2011 Discussion on links on syllabus: Booker T. Washington and Other Dubois grew up in north, was educated, his grandfather was a doctor talented 1/10 of 1% of Black American, light-skinned(looked half white) Booker Washington was a slave in Virginia He came from slavery and then after emancipation was under poverty knew that violence had no effect; blacks will just get lynched Accomodationism also known as gradualism not demand full and equal rights right away just make sure that one has a job to feed and support family and gradually gain more rights asks for the basics audience he speaks to are the uneducated ones and the whites Whites: BTW founded Tuskee but the White built and provided materials for it. Almost all the money came from the North: North was more willing to pay South to keep Blacks in the South-no competition for jobs
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Unformatted text preview: Dubois talks to educated slaves Confrontationalism also known as interram thought Washington's administration was submission and that he was admitting to Black inferiority Dubois didn't experience a lot and is not fully aware of what's going on because of his credential and his light skinned tone color Frederick Johnson Turner Main point: What's so different about America? We have an expansive frontier How does American Frontier makes individuals more independent 3 years before Census Bureau says Frontier no longer exists Americans expect government to take care of them Americas constantly evolving American exceptionalism We think we are better than everyone else Variety of ethnicity all brought together by Frontier...
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