feb11 - Election of 1912 Woodrow Wilson(democrat 1912...

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February 11, 2011 Election of 1912 Woodrow Wilson(democrat) 1912 campaign: Roosevelt vs. Wilson government and business Roosevelt advanced New Nationalism Increased power of federal government role of government is to regulate abolition of child labor insurance of accident, old age Woodrow Wilson (NEW FREEDOM) emphasize limited government and open business competition advocate strong anti trust Election was the only one that marked new big ideas Both urge within the system (didn't try to overturn the system) defended capitalism more democracy more conservative labor unions 4 th party: Eugene Debs(Socialist) Wilson wins election Because Roosevelt split election votes of Republicans so it paved the way for Democrats to win Wilson= Progressive Like Roosevelt, believed in strong presidential leadership Legislative record is most successful Wilson'sTerra and Banking Reform very first president to appear in front of Congress recommended 3 things reduce tariff Underwood Tariff(1913) reduce tariff for 1 st time lowered rates by 15% slight gradual income tax recently been allowed by 16 th amendment Free Banking system from Wall Street Control
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feb11 - Election of 1912 Woodrow Wilson(democrat 1912...

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