Feb 23 and 25 - February 23, 2011 Second New Deal Rise of...

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Unformatted text preview: February 23, 2011 Second New Deal Rise of Welfare State 1935 social reform and social justic 1936 election: Roosevelt moved to left beginning of modern welfare gov has responsibility Early 1930 rising # of labor strikes NRA unconstitutional labor demand collective bargaining Wagner Act National Labor Relations Act 1935 (NLRA) outlaw black listing and reasserted labor right to reorganize outlaw union busting and require company gov=referee(neutral party) 1946: 28% workers were Union members Social Security Act signed Aug. 1935 by Roosevelt old age, poverty, unemployed and burden of widow and fatherless children fed assistant lump sum benefit payment to retires fined by tax on current workers Gave money to states to provide help to: aging individuals unemployed mother and kids blind Advantage social security lets job openings most women and blacks were excluded white male Agriculture labor, domestic, gov employment, teaching, social works 90% women exempt half working population 2/3 African exempt 2 supreme court affirm constitutionality Democratic coalition urban based 1936 election Roosevelt win landslide 20 th amendment ratified lame duct section Fundamental changes-2 years after reelected ( Court packing plan 1937) court conservative FDR asked power to appoint one justice for each justice over 20 years old 15-supreme court justices (6 were over 70 years old) many congressmen didn't approve...
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Feb 23 and 25 - February 23, 2011 Second New Deal Rise of...

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