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april 4 - ▪ the problem that has no name • widespread...

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April 4,2011 Religion=rise of Billy gram Americans fell in love with gadgets most family had atleast one car, vacuum cleaner, t.v T.V developed in 1930s widespread leisure activity T.V emerge as private enterprise entertainment, complete control over channels by government T.V depend on advertising characterize mass culture Overwelming white Anglo Saxon, suburban home and middle class minority=slaves, the help T.V contribute to consensus and conformity of 1950 women classic role at home WWII only interrupted women need to accept pre war Ideal standard: marry young, support husband careers 1946: Baby and childcare baby-boomers spock advise mothers to stay at home because might jeopardize child's mental health Betty friedan 1963 wrote feminine mistik profiled women in 1950 and early 60s devote lives to find husband and bear children
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Unformatted text preview: ▪ the problem that has no name • widespread depression ◦ final chapter of mistik ▪ advocate new life plan for women readers • have career outside • use brains ◦ own fears and resistences from others ▪ promoting education and meaningful work ◦ Feminine Mistik->widely influential in century=help spark second way feminism • NOW (national organization of women) ◦ started by Betty Friedan! • Beatniks: at first was literary group who all rebelled against materialism of 1950 ◦ beatitude ◦ demonstrate social protest that flower in the Hippie movement • Poverty ◦ while middle class flock to suburbs, opp stream of poor specifically southern black that move back to cities ▪ declining economy and decaying ◦ 1960=35 million Americans ▪ 1/5 of nation lived below poverty line...
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