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campaign report

campaign report - Michigan District 1 Michigan District 1...

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Michigan District 1 Michigan District 1 is the second-largest congressional district east of the Mississippi River by land area. It contains much of the northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula as well as the entire Upper Peninsula. The area is mainly rural and the median household income is $34,076. The workforce percentage is 51% white collar, 29.8% blue collar, and 19.5% services. The district consists 94.1% non-Hispanic white, 1% Black, 1% of Hispanic, 1% foreign born, and 0% Asian (CQ Politics). In the 2006 electoral elections, Bart Stupak represented the Democrats, Don Hooper represented the Republicans, David Newland represented the Greens, and Ken Proctor represented the Liberals. In this election, Bart Stupak won 180,448 votes, 69.4% of votes while Don Hooper won 72,753 votes. Bart Stupak becomes the victor once again in the 2008 electoral elections against Republican Tom Casperson, Green Jean Treacy, and Libertarian Daniel Grow; he won 213,216 or 65% of the votes. Furthermore, in the 2008 presidential election, 50% of Michigan District 1 voters voted for Barack Obama while 48% voted for John McCain (CQ Politics). There was no contested primary for the Democrats because the incumbent announced that he will retire at the end of term; the Democrats only had Gary McDowell running for the position. On the other hand, the Republicans had many candidates which included Dan Benishek, State Senator Jason Allen, Patrick Donlon, Linda Goldthorpe, Don Hooper, and Tom Stillings; Dan Benishek won the Republican primary. The race is competitive because it is an “open seat” due to the incumbent's decision to retire. Democrats are trusting on state Representative Gary McDowell, whose beliefs are similar to those of incumbent, Bart Stupak. On the contrary, Republicans are fighting to hold the seat in order to represent local opinions.
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The first major candidate is Republican Dan Benishek. Although Dan Benishek is only a
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