class8-Poverty - Class 8 Poverty and Development(based on...

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9/21/2011 1 7-1 Class 8 Poverty and Development (based on chapter 5) Announcements Quiz#3 is due on September 27, 2011. The quiz will cover – Chapter 4 and class 6 on international dependency theory – chapter 5 and classes 7 and 8 on income inequality and poverty. Research paper is due October 4, Tuesday Midterm is in two weeks (October 6 Thursday). – Multiple choice questions – Short essay questions 6-2 Reading Todaro and Smith, Chapter 5 Banerjee, Abhijit V., and Esther Duflo, 2007. "The Economic Lives of the Poor," Journal of Economic Perspectives , 21(1): 141–168, (same as Reader, chapter 14: The Economic Lives of the Poor by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo) Besley, Timothy, and Robin Burgess, 2003. “Halving Global Poverty,” Journal of Economic Perspectives , 17(3): 3-22, 7-3
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9/21/2011 2 7-4 Outline Poverty conditions in a typical developing country (Tanzania) The concept of poverty The measures of poverty The trends of poverty The correlates of poverty Policy options 7-5 Some Statistics for Tanzania The Family And Housing Percentage of households with a modern roof 43 Percentage of households with modern walls 25 Percentage of households with electricity 12 Education, Health And Water Percentage of adults literate 71 Percentage of households within 2 km of a primary school 63 Percentage of households within 1 km of drinking water 55 Economic Activities Percentage of adults whose primary activity is agriculture 63 Percentage of children age 5-14 years who are working 62 Consumption And Poverty Percentage of consumption expenditure on food 65 Percentage of population below the food poverty line 19 Percentage of population below the basic needs poverty line 36 7-6 Recurrent Budget of the United Republic of Tanzania (FY 02/03) TSh. bn. Per capita (US$) Percent MOHA - Police Force 51.2 1.4 3.4 Ministry of Defense 110.9 3.1 7.4 Ministry of Works 54.1 1.5 3.6 Ministry of Health 58.1 1.6 3.9 Ministry of Finance 130.6 3.7 8.7 Ministry of S,T & Higher Ed 59.1 1.7 3.9 Primary Education (LGs) 200 5.6 13.3
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class8-Poverty - Class 8 Poverty and Development(based on...

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