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Cornell ABROAD United Kingdom RECOMMENDED STUDY ABROAD OPTIONS 300 Caldwell Hall / 607.255.6224 / / ejb 4/2/07 LOCATION: U NIVERSITIES AND STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS IN ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND Information on Northern Ireland is available on the Ireland Flyer, Students interested in Wales should see Cornell Abroad ELIGIBILITY: 3.0+ CUM GPA MIN. NOTE: Universities require strong background in intended area of study 3.2 Bristol 3.3 UCL, LSE, KING’S, ST ANDREWS ( HIGHER FOR POPULAR SUBJECTS) 3.6 OXFORD 3.8 CAMBRIDGE PROGRAM LENGTH: FALL SEMESTER (TERM 1) 12 CU credits SPRING SEMESTER (TERMS 2 AND 3) YEAR (TERMS 1, 2 AND 3) FREESTANDING PROGRAMS- US SEMESTER 2008/09 COSTS: DIRECT ENROLLMENT: HOST UNIVERSITY TUITION + FEES PLUS CORNELL INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM TUITION (CIPT) $5,250. “THIRD-PARTY” PROGRAMS: P ROGRAM TUITION + FEES PLUS THE CORNELL INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM TUITION (CIPT) FOR EXTERNAL PROGRAMS, $4,850 TUITION COSTS VARY: RANGE FROM £3,500 TO £9,000 C OST DEPENDS ON: THE INSTITUTION, THE TERM ( fall may cost less ), AND THE SUBJECT ( sciences or lab/studio-based courses may incur a premium charge ); NOTE THAT COST OF LIVING IS HIGHER IN CENTRAL LONDON EXCHANGE RATE ~£1=$2 SEE PAGE 6 FOR MORE INFORMATION. WALK IN HOURS: 1:30-3:00PM MON-FRI FACEBOOK GROUP: CORNELL STUDY ABROAD EVENTS Please note: 2008/98 Cornell International Program Tuition charges are set pending approval by the Board of Trustees; Cornell University reserves the right to change the CIPT and other charges. STUDY ABROAD OPTIONS IN THE UK Great Britain consists of three different countries: England, Scotland, and Wales. The countries of Great Britain, together with Northern Ireland, make up what is referred to as the United Kingdon (UK). Although relatively small, the countries within the United Kingdom have their own distinct national identities. Many Cornell students choose to study abroad in England and Scotland . Students may enroll either in a British university or in a freestanding study abroad program. A direct-enrollment university offers the advantage of studying and learning with British faculty and students immersing themselves in their academic system. A study abroad program works best if you want an internship, service learning or a program in a special field such as the dramatic arts or art and design. There are a few programs that combine direct university enrollment with internships. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences should be aware that they are required to enroll directly in a university while studying in the UK. We have identified universities that have good options by major on page two of this flyer. THE CORNELL-BROWN-PENN CENTRE Throughout your study abroad in the UK you will have the services of the Cornell-Brown-Penn Centre at 51Gower Street in the heart of London’s Bloomsbury district. The Resident Director is Ms. Liz Simpson. Mrs. Sue Welsford is the Program Assistant. They will liaise with the British universities and study abroad
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UK Foreign Exchange Info - Cornell ABROAD United Kingdom...

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