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Printable Lesson Materials 13218 NE 20th Street Bellevue, WA 98005 425-747-7272 800-221-9347 www.rockwellinstitute.com Print these materials as a study guide This portion of your printable materials consists of dozens of frames that summarize the content in this lesson. The frames are arranged on the page to make it easy for you to study the material and add your own notes from your textbook or the online course. Graphic Summaries Many students learn best from sets of questions, and this multiple choice quiz allows you to focus your review of the material to important topics. Quizzes These printable materials allow you to study away from your computer, which many students find beneficial. These materials consist of two parts: graphic summaries of the content and a multiple choice quiz . © 2009 Rockwell Institute
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1 California Real Estate Law © Copyright 2007 Rockwell Publishing, Inc. Lesson 15: Rights and Duties of Landowners © Copyright 2007 Rockwell Publishing, Inc. Introduction This lesson will discuss: l protecting rights of possession and use l adverse possession l easements l disputes between neighbors © Copyright 2007 Rockwell Publishing, Inc. Protecting Rights of Possession/Use Two rights fundamental to real property ownership: l right to use and enjoyment l right to exclusive possession
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