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Thermal Physics Solutions CH 4-5 pg 86

Thermal Physics Solutions CH 4-5 pg 86 - \o—IS—bl C QB...

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Unformatted text preview: \o—IS—bl C QB) KM: '34ka ‘90- ‘a‘ \l $.9qu Jg ‘11—ka \MZW X‘f’L-I" Skull” ‘7' 3 0w. N:\/\\UC‘\‘L. ”WM T N 9_ TNT V)“ 3L: — = vw- 5: _. 8H — \1 m w? TM -: ”\(X? i’ 74- (S‘ g\-*\{Q<OP( A?! = NDXVE +813 paw A— Sflu... L rm; Mam 3 cf v (ufl @ (BM); ERR) ”flow was Cm me am; (JADE szpmlk) “(UHJ g—u'nffi. 88"] 3M1f 3‘1"? (03 NAUL\ M W filo—M v.3] JAM %w\\n\— (,1ng {Lu ewe/37 is '“A. skgw‘ 4mm 1% fink cs ‘Hu MA» W“ AF\ :11. ‘Hu wnsslllv Us WSITLL. aw- w (New? v¥ Pam,“ “vim H \ ...
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