04 - File Streams - Engineering 101 More About Streams...

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1 Engineering 101 File Streams Quote of the Day - Confucius Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes. The fstream Library s If we include the fstream library by typing #include <fstream> then we can define new streams that can get input from, and direct output to, files. s fstream adds two new types: ifstream and ofstream. s These stand for input file stream and output file stream respectively. s An ifstream is a sub-type of istream and ofstream is a sub-type of ostream so they can be used just like cin and cout. More About Streams s There is another output stream we can access through the iostream library: cerr s cerr stands for “standard error” s cout is buffered s The output does not go directly to the screen. s cerr is not buffered s cout is tied to cin s Whenever cin is used the cout buffer is “flushed” More About Streams You (the user) The computer OS Your Executable cin cout cerr ostream cout, cerr operations << The fstream Library istream cin operations >> ifstream ofstream
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2 Reading From Files s To read from a file you first must declare a new ifstream and open it. This is done with a line of the form: ifstream infile(“thisfile.txt”); s This line will open a file called thisfile.txt and create a new ifstream called infile to extract input from the file by lines like: infile >> x >> y;
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04 - File Streams - Engineering 101 More About Streams...

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