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1 - Avoid oversized portions Make half your plate fruits...

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NSD 225 9/1/11 Dietary Standards and Guidelines: Scientific recommendations are given in nutrients and given to people in the united states DRI’s: Dietary Reference Intakes Estimated average requirement Recommended dietary allowance Adequate intake Tolerable upper level-UL Recommendations go from 51-70 and 70+ USDA: School Lunch WIC (women, infants, children) Program food guides FDA: Nations Food, Cosmetics, Human Drugs, Labeling Safety of additives
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Campaign vs. Health Fraud Federal Trade Commission: Truthful Advertising Claims- Not truthful because you can sell just about anything Center for Disease Control: Identifies target populations at risk of nutrient deficiencies *Is it better to get your nutrients from food or supplements? FOOD Food Guide wants you to decrease calories and decrease solid fat
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Unformatted text preview: Avoid oversized portions Make half your plate fruits and vegetables Switch to fat free milk Look at the sodium label Alcohol decreases B-6 and destroys folacin Increase Seafood in diet Exercise at least 30/90 minutes a day Make half of your grains whole grain Recommendation: no more than 30% of kcal from fat Saturated fat reduced to 10% Reduce Cholesterol Nutrient Density: High in calories low in nutrients Empty Calories: Lots of calories no nutrients Food Labeling: 1 st ingredient is most by weight Jelly Bean Rule: Claim of “healthy” can be used if a food is low in fat, low in sodium, low in cholesterol and must contain at least 10% of DV of Vit. A,C, calcium, iron, protein or fiber Tang does not have many of the nutrients that orange juice has...
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