27 - 3 Precursor(Makes Enzymes Some hormones Some vitamins...

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Protein Iron in hemoglobin in red blood cells Protein made up of Amino Acids Need a chine of Amino Acids Protein containing foods = meat, milk, soy beans Specific protein in food- casein in milk Example of an amino acid-tyrosine Our body needs 20 Amino Acids 9 are essential 11 are not essential Essential Amino Acids: Matt VS Phill To Make: Complete Protein All of the essential Amino Acids must be present At about the same time With enough calories
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Our Body Consists of: 62% Water 16% Protein 15% Fat 6% Minerals Functions of Proteins: What is the end product of protein breakdown? Euria Why You Need Protein: 1. Building new tissue during growth or after an injury 2. Upkeep and replacement of skin, hair, intestinal cells, blood cells
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Precursor (Makes): Enzymes Some hormones Some vitamins Antibodies Milk for breast-feeding mothers Recommendations: RDA based on 0.8g protein/kg body weight Men 19-50 Nitrogen Balance: Nitrogen in Food-Nitrogen Balance-Nitrogen for new tissues, Nitrogen in urine and feces To be in nitrogen equilibrium: All Essential amino acids must be present in adequate amounts Need enough total nitrogen Must have enough calories for total energy needs. Phenylketonuria: Lofenalac-milk substitute WHICH FOOD PROVIDES ALL OF THE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS? PEANUT BUTTER NAVY BEANS WHEAT *MILK- CORRECT BROCCOLI...
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27 - 3 Precursor(Makes Enzymes Some hormones Some vitamins...

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