CRS 325 informative outline final

CRS 325 informative outline final - Bobby Krivitsky Sally...

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Bobby Krivitsky Sally Spalding CRS 325 Final Exam The Payment of College Athletes Introduction: Attention Getting Device: It is a topic that brings about heated debates and strong arguments from both sides; should college athletes be paid? Thesis: College athletes earn millions of dollars for their respective universities and deserve more than just a scholarship. Preview of Main Points: In order to truly be informed on this subject, one must understand the arguments that both parties are making. There are two major arguments which both sides are making; those in favor of student athletes being paid argue that they make millions for universities and do not see a penny of it. Meanwhile, those against college athletes receiving payment claim that being given a free education is more than enough and that the student athlete must take advantage of the opportunity that they are given. Then, there is the argument that many college athletes come from poor socioeconomic backgrounds and do not have the time to get a job or the money for food and clothes. In response to that, people who aren’t in favor of seeing college athletes be paid argue that the athletes receive free housing and unlimited super card money to pay for food. Both sides make incredibly valid arguments and the question is not who is right, but what should be done?
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Body: I. Is the fact that student athletes receive a free education enough?
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CRS 325 informative outline final - Bobby Krivitsky Sally...

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