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Bobby Krivitsky CRS 325 Sally Spalding September 28, 2011 What’s Going On With the NCAA? I. Introduction With all of the realignment taking place in college sports, there is one question that needs to be asked, what is going on in the NCAA? While the recent shifts in conference may be a decision driven by money, its impact is bound to go a whole lot further than that. I believe that the realignment that is currently taking place in the NCAA will result in the creation of four super conferences. These four super conferences consist of the South Eastern Conference (SEC), the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), the Pacific Twelve (Pac-12), and the Big Ten. II. The South Eastern Conference A. The SEC as it is formally known, is the most dominant football conference in the nation. 1. Since 2007, every national champion has come out of the South Eastern Conference. ( 1).
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2. Since the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system began twelve years ago the SEC has won seven of those twelve championships including six out of the last eight. ( 1). B. The SEC is currently looking to expand as it attempts to lure some of the most prominent teams in the country into the most prestigious conference. 1. The SEC has already added Texas A&M and Missouri; two teams who are both consistently in the top 25 in the country. These additions continue to add to the already incredible pool of talent in the South Eastern Conference as well as the overall depth. 2. Now, the South Eastern Conference has set its sights on adding Florida State and Miami. These two schools both currently reside in the ACC and are both consistently competing for a national championship. Florida State and Miami are two of only five teams outside of the SEC to win a national championship. If the SEC is successful in adding these two teams then it may be sometime before another football conference is able to knock off the SEC as national champions. C. While the SEC looks to expand in order to continue its reign as the most dominant football conference, the ACC looks to expand its conference in order to become the most dominant conference in basketball. III.
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ncaa speech - Bobby Krivitsky CRS 325 Sally Spalding What's...

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