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Bobby Krivitsky Sally Spalding CRS 325 Persuasive Speech Proposal Topic: NBA Lockout Persuasive Purpose: The persuasive purpose of my speech is to persuade the class to take the side of the players in the NBA lockout. Expected Thesis: In the ongoing battle between NBA players and owners, only the owners can survive without an NBA season. The powerless players are the mercy of the owners, despite the fact that it was the owners who created the problem.
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Unformatted text preview: The specific call to action that I would like the class to take is simply to stay informed on this issue. For this speech, I will be using a power point. I feel that this is the proper visual to further illustrate and drive home my point, as the class can get a visual understanding of my argument and I can provide them with videos to help further their understanding of my topic....
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