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Robert Krivitsky SPM

Robert Krivitsky SPM - Freshman Sophomore Other Expected...

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Department of Sport Management College of Human Ecology 810 Nottingham Road Syracuse, New York 13244 (315) 443-9881 [email protected] Intra-University Transfer Application Date: February 25, 2011 Name: Robert Krivitsky SUID: 769596183 Email: RMKrivit @syr.edu Cell Phone #: 781-690-9682 Current College and Major: VPA, CRS Are you planning to: Transfer into SPM? Adding Dual Major w/ SPM? Are you currently (check one):
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Unformatted text preview: Freshman Sophomore Other: __________________ Expected Graduation Date: May, 2014 What is your current overall GPA? 3.0 Have you taken SPM 205 – Introduction to Sport Management? Yes No For Official Use: Essay Transcript Interview Decision: A NA Decision Date: Spring 2011 Deadline for Fall 2011 Entry is March 1, 2011...
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