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23 - Main Themes Reframing knowing and seeing Language and...

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Main Themes: Reframing knowing and seeing Language and Perspectivism Act of Dissimulation Metaphorical Nature of Truth (Tropical) -Redefinition of Truth- Contributors: 1. Advances critique of reason and science as sources of truth 2. Offers first modern definition of rhetoric 3. Establishes new focus of rhetorical study Kenneth Burke (1897-1993) 1. The most important rhetorical theorist of the 20 th century 2. Public intellectual and literary critic 3. Influences: Nietzsche and Freud Burke’s Influences 1. Freud: How do unconscious motivations shape our conscious thoughts and behaviors? -Language is a window into our unconscious 2. Nietzsche:
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How is language perspectival? -Language acculturates to particular orientations Burke: Motive A. Approach Burke changed motive from a psychological concept that must be inferred to a vocabulary concept that can be observed Motives = “Linguistic Products” that reside in various terminologies and vocabularies B. Motive and Orientation Main Themes from today’s reading: 1.
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