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183 speech 2 - Bobby Krivitsky Anne Demo CRS 183 March 26,...

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Bobby Krivitsky Anne Demo CRS 183 March 26, 2011 Tiger Woods Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfer’s in the history of the sport. He is arguably the most dominant athlete in all of sports. Woods cumulative career earnings total over one billion dollars. (Examiner.com). However, all of the allure and glory that surrounded Tiger Woods quickly evaporated on November 25, 2009 when Woods got into a fight with his wife Elin Nordegren that ended with Woods crashing his Cadillac Escalade into a tree. As a result, speculation began rapidly circulating as to what actually caused the accident. In the coming days, numerous women began alleging to magazines that they had affairs with Tiger Woods. On February 19, 2010 Woods held a press conference to announce to and admit to the fact that he had indeed cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren, having multiple affairs. Throughout the speech, Woods sought to use pathos, playing on the emotions of the media and his fans. Woods referenced his charity, his work with children, and how he had to take responsibility and show everyone that he is capable of change. Hearing Woods mention all his work within numerous communities and discussing his work with children displayed the golfer in a positive light that helped or at least attempted to gain the public’s support. Woods was also able to use ethos, speaking of a matter that solely pertained to him, giving him the necessary credibility to have the full attention of the audience. The fact that Woods was talking about a personal matter gave him the ability to persuade the audience to take his side and support him.
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While he certainly lost fans, Tiger Woods was able to effectively use ethos and pathos throughout his speech in order to help reshape his image and gain the public’s support. In this paper, I argue that Tiger Woods concepts of ethos and pathos provide a useful lens for illuminating contemporary deliberative speech. John Locke was a philosopher in the 1600’s who was devoted to science. Locke believed in and heavily promoted empiricism, the view that knowledge comes from experience via the senses and that science flourishes through observation and experiment. Locke is also a firm believer that the path to the truth is not accessible through the
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183 speech 2 - Bobby Krivitsky Anne Demo CRS 183 March 26,...

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