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transcript essay

transcript essay - Bobby Krivitsky Richard Buttny CRS 284...

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Bobby Krivitsky Richard Buttny CRS 284 February 22, 2011 What this recording and transcript reveal about me is a large part of my identity. Looking at the transcript, one can clearly see that I am from Boston and that I proudly represent the city and its sports teams. This conversation reveals where I’m from which indicates the cultural influences that shaped my personal identity. In addition to seeing the cultural influences that shape my identity, looking at this transcript it becomes quite apparent that I am an avid sports fan. Not only is this entire conversation about sports, basketball more specifically, but there are numerous times where I make specific and detailed references to individual player’s and teams. For example, towards the beginning of the conversation I say, “I’m not concerned they’ve got no bench and no defense. They were one of the worst defensive teams before and they just got even worse at it.” This is
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