21 - 3 Expression Fitting proper language to arguments 4...

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183: Foundation Assumptions Rhetorical Theory is …Relevant -Foundational -Empowering 1. Reading -look for passages the respond to prompts from lecture -look for passages w/ contemporary relevance, key argument passages, and passages that would be sound bite for period Hellenistic (Greek) Legacy 1. Rhetorical Education 2. System of Government Ancient Greece: Aristotle Dies 322 BCE Roman Republic: Cicero De Oratore 55 BCE Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43) BCE 1. Highly Influential 2. But not an Aristocrat 3. Politically Controversial
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4. Although he was an orator, lawyer, politician, and philosopher, he placed politics above philosophy 5. Contemporary Influence: Preserves Greek origins of rhetorical tradition De Inventione: Canons of Oratory 1. Invention: Discovery of arguments 2. Arrangement: Distribution of arguments in the proper order
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Expression: Fitting proper language to arguments 4. Memory 5. Delivery De Inventione: Stasis System Lines of questioning helpful for analyzing a legal case or dividing a debate into likely issues of conflict 1. Issue of Fact: What occurred? When? 2. Issue of Definition: What name should an act be called? 3. Issue of Quality: What is the severity of act? 4. Issue of Procedure: Questions regarding how case was pursued De Oratore: Political Context A. Shifting context from republic to Empire B. Banished from Rome (58 BCE) Writes De Oratore Can Rhetoric preserve a free political system? Violent Ending: Powerlessness Main Themes: 1. Rarity of rhetorical excellence 2. Wisdom-Eloquence 3. Eloquence requires vast knowledge 4. Eloquence...
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21 - 3 Expression Fitting proper language to arguments 4...

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