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284 essay exam - Essay #1: Is bad language really...

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Essay #1: Is bad language really “bad”/ Bad language has so many functions that whether or not it is actually “bad” is more of a situational matter than it is a yes or no question. “bad motherfucker = good, expression of language, free speech, censorship. Slur/epithet = bad Why do we have ways of speaking that are considered bad or offensive? Where good language was once considered proper form, we’ve now evolved and ordinary language is considred to be proper form. Bits of low language have also infiltrated our dialogue, resulting in more casual conversation and more swearing, which is less proper and can sometimes be offensive. How do bad words function for us? Express strong emtion, stance indicator, Yankees are Gay What does bad language reflect about our society? How we’ve changed as a society from proper language and more formal conversation to a more casual and more laid back style of communicating. Descriptivists vs. Prescriptivists: Descriptivists relates to more of a social science approach. CRS would be an example of Descriptivism. Given that descriptivists are less subjective and more open, they would typically be more accepting of bad language and recognize it as a form of communication. Prescriptivists however advocate for proper English and good language. Prescriptivists tend to be more political correct. Prescriptivists tend to be more subjective and view language as a black and white situation. As a result, Prescriptivists would look at non-standard English and would not accept or recognize that is a form of communication. They would look down on swearing and see it as vulgar rather than as a way of expressing one’s emotions.
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284 essay exam - Essay #1: Is bad language really...

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