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Small Group Problem-Solving Communication

Small Group Problem-Solving Communication - Bobby...

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Bobby Krivitsky CRS 181 Kenneth Johnson Small Group Problem-Solving Communication 2. In the video featuring the group who discussed how to survive in the desert, the group had to evaluate a list of items and decide which items are most important to their survival. Early on in the discussion, the group realized the importance of the jackknife and decided to make that the most important item on the list. The reason for this was due to the variety of tasks a jackknife can perform. A jackknife can serve as a weapon, you can hunt animals with it, and you can cut open cactus which contain food and water. I completely agree with making the jackknife the number one item you need to survive in the desert, as it is small and easy to carry so as to not weigh you down and at the same time is a sharp and dangerous weapon which can be used in self-defense as well as to get food. The item the group decided was of second most importance was a compass. The group realized the importance of being able to navigate their way around the desert and knowing which direction north, south, east, and west are. This is another decision that I agree with, as having the compass significantly increases your chance of survival and your ability to make it out of the desert. As a result of having the compass, you avoid aimlessly wandering out, which when done in the desert heat can cause dehydration. Surprisingly, the group did not deem the map to be of great importance. The group felt that since you already have a compass and have the ability to go off of instinct a map is not necessary. However, I disagree, as when coupled with the compass, a map allows you to know where you are and where you must go to get out of the desert. When combined
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