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John Lgend Wake up everybody - Bobby Krivitsky Sally...

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Bobby Krivitsky Sally Spalding CRS 225 Liner Notes Global Warming In 2007, Will. I. Am. Released an album titled songs about girls. Immediately upon hearing this title you think oh great, another hip-hop star writing songs portraying women in a negative and unfortunate fashion. Then, you see song titles such as “I got it from my mama” and “the donque show.” Once again a famous hip-hop artist has managed to embarrass all of womankind, objectifying women, and solely focusing on their looks not their intelligence. However, there is one song that stands out. S.O.S. (mother nature) is a song on the album that is much deeper, much more potent than the songs that today’s artist is writing about females. This song is about what we have done to the environment and how we now must deal with issues such as global warming and earthquakes and that all we can do at this point is pray to God to save the world. Will. I. Am. describes his album as being a semi-autobiographical conceptual album. This album is about love. Falling in love, falling out of love, trying to get back in love, and ultimately starting a new situation. The album is a journey. A unique journey with one very unique song which talks about today’s problems and how we must take responsibility and come together to save the earth. The reason that will. i. am’s. S.O.S. (mother nature) reflects the campaign goals of global is because one of the topics the song focuses on is global warming. The song’s primary focus is to speak about the environment and the damage that we have
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done to it, as a result will. i. am. dedicates numerous lines in the song to the issue of global warming. Will. i. am. even has a whole verse dedicated to the issue of global warming. The beginning of the verse starts off by saying, “when the Eskimo gets bit by a mosquito somebody in Miami will get swept by a tsunami Rastas in Jamaica will get hit by a quake that registers something like 8.8 you see its situations happeneing with our planet cause, 50 years ago we took it for granted.” This is a very potent opening
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John Lgend Wake up everybody - Bobby Krivitsky Sally...

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