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181 midterm review

181 midterm review - Idiosyncratic A focus on what makes...

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Bobby Krivitsky CRS 181 Midterm review sheet 1. A theory may be defined as a set of systematic, interrelated statements that go beyond the data at hand to yield testable hypotheses or researchable questions. The 5 requirements applied to a theory: Description of phenemona through empirical (observational) terms. What is it? Explanation of phenomena through theoretical (indirectly observable) terms. Why does it occur? Interpretation of phenomena. What does it mean? Prediction of future occurrences through hypotheses. Will it Happen Again? Critique current practice. Are there problems with it? Are there better ways to do it? 2. nomothetic: A focus on what people have in common or what makes them similar.
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Unformatted text preview: Idiosyncratic: A focus on what makes people unique or different from others Causual deterministic: Once a pattern begins it follows a predetermined path Purposive: patterns begin because people want to bring about certain outcomes Cybernetic: A pattern may serve a purpose, but may be constrained by the logic of the system 3. Standards of Objective Theories: • Explanation of the Data • Prediction of Events • Relative Simplicity • Hypotheses that can be tested • Practical Utility Standards of Interpretive Theories: • New Understanding of People • Clarification of Values • Aesthetic Appeal • A Community of Agreement • Reform of Society...
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