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Bobby Krivitsky CRS 181 October 3, 2010 1. This theory describes the phenomena of social penetration, which is the process of developing a deeper level of intimacy with another person through mutual self-disclosure and other forms of vulnerability. This theory also describes the personality structure, which is represented by onion-like layers of beliefs and feelings about self, others, and the world; deeper layers are more vulnerable, protected, and central to self-image. These concepts and techniques are used in order for one to build a close personal relationship with others. Initially, Sally offers much personal information about herself, which is explained by the concept of self-disclosure. Kent does reciprocate but not on the same level, which we can see explained by the concept of depth of penetration. However, this contrasts the law of reciprocity that states a paced and orderly process in which openness in one person leads to openness in the other. This occurs when Sally offers information about her divorce and dating history. “Confession number two-and I better tell you now- you’re my first date since the divorce.” Here, Kent does not reciprocate, saying, “Rule number one from an old pro-we don’t talk about “baggage.” The concept of social exchange and outcome help to further explain why Kent does not reciprocate; For Kent, the net worth is not worth the risk of revealing personal information to Sally, which would grant her a deeper level of penetration. 2. A. This theory is causal deterministic due to the fact that the pattern established is Kent gaining the upper hand on Sally. What this means is that the relationship now follows the path that Kent intends for it to go down. While Sally is much more eager, Kent does not
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appear to be as desperate and comes off as less aggressive. We can assume that this pattern will continue and Kent will continue to have the upper hand throughout the relationship. B. This theory incorporates the idea of purposive behavior in that often a communicator will attempt deeper social penetration by opening up about one's self or asking probing questions. Additionally, the communicator may utilize the concept of breadth of penetration by incorporating deep penetration in many different areas and to make the
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crs181 paper 1 - Bobby Krivitsky CRS 181 October 3 2010 1...

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