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Bobby Krivitsky Mr. Golden History 210 Assignment For Week 7 Concerns about Socrates It has come to my attention that a philosopher who is gaining tremendous favor within this community has been poisoning our youth. Socrates, has been corrupting our young minds, filling their heads with notions that are simply ridiculous and ideas that none of you would support. In addition to the outrageous and extremist thoughts that Socrates has polluted our young minds with, this heretic has also been going around disdaining the Gods. This is a most heinous of sins and a crime that on it’s own should result in nothing short of death. When you factor in to the equation that Socrates is also
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Unformatted text preview: corrupting and damaging the minds of our youth, our children, the future leaders of our society, swift and immediate action must be taken. Socrates is a threat to democracy, a threat to people’s freedom, and is attempting to undermine the values and ideals of this society. He is not one of us, he is an extremist attempting to gain power by manipulating the youth. We cannot let this happen, we must rid ourselves of this monster immediately. Please take heed of this warning and act accordingly, for the sake of both our youth and our community. Thank you....
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