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history assignment 8 - harsh human being An example of...

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Bobby Krivitsky Mr. Golden History 210 Assignment For Week 8 Plutarch, Life of Alexander Life of Alexander by Plutarch provides a great deal of insight to the life and events of Alexander the great, however, Plutarch’s admiration for Alexander becomes quite evident and causes the reader to question the purity of his stories. Plutarch, does an incredible job of providing a vivid illustration of Alexander’s life and his accomplishments from childhood all the way through to his death. However, as the reading goes on, Plutarch’s love and appreciation for Alexander cause the reader to question his account of these events and skepticism begins to seep in. Plutarch not only recalls moments or events that seem untrue, but in addition he describes some of Alexander’s actions with great praise and admiration despite the fact that Alexander is coming off as a very cruel and quite
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Unformatted text preview: harsh human being. An example of Plutarch’s bias interfering with the credibility of his story is the way in which Plutarch describes Alexander taking over for Philip when Philip is assassinated. Plutarch portrays it as if Philip has been tragically murdered and now Alexander will take the throne, although it certainly appears as if Alexander and his mother Olympias were involved to some degree in the murder. Overall, Plutarch’s account for the life of Alexander is a fabulous one and an account that provides an incredible amount of detail in to Alexander’s life. However, the author’s admiration for Alexander appear to make their way into the stories thus causing the reader to appreciate them but at the same time be skeptical of some of the facts that are presented as well as how certain stories are told....
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history assignment 8 - harsh human being An example of...

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