5 - Politics and Citizenship: Politics is derived from...

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Around 1200 BC end of Mycenaean – 1100 BC Greek Dark Ages Power and prosperity of Mycenaean civilization lost because of ‘violent conflict’ May have been preparing for an attack from sea Sea peoples who ravaged eastern Mediterranean Dorians, Greek speaking peoples from the Balkans 1050 BC-Revival of Greek Society Archaeological digs have showed that around Archaic Age 750-500 BC Old-fashioned Age Term comes from scholars of Greek Art Stiff sculptures Similar to Egyptian statuaries Saw the graduate culmination of developments in social and political organization Polis Polis, Greek work for town or city Distinct political meaning = town and surrounding countryside Characteristics of Greek Polis: Small size: Plato: 5,000 households for an ideal polis
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Aristotle: know everyone by sight Only 3 poleis had population of 20,000 Public assembly and religious center for public workshop High Ground for refuge in times of attack, acropolis Agora- center of common life
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Unformatted text preview: Politics and Citizenship: Politics is derived from Polis Politeia, derivative of polis, means both citizenship and the rules of citizenship Polis, focus on the communal rather than the individual Active citizenship of the male citizen Real effect of citizen action on state affairs Time Consuming and need of free time Service of public office Attendance in political assembly The Persian War took mostly place between 500 BC and 479 BC. It started in 500 against the Persians with an uprising of the Ionian cities. The defeat of the Persians at Marathon Thermopylae and the 300 soldiers of Spartan General Leonidas Greek victory at Salamis and the Battle of Plataea, 479 BC Growing rivalry between Athens and Sparta The Delian league headquartered at Delos 446 BC: A 30 year peace treaty between Athens and Sparta Corinth, Sparta and a funeral oration by Pericles 421 BC: Another truce Trial of Socrates in 399 BC...
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5 - Politics and Citizenship: Politics is derived from...

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