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history 112 study guide - Berlin July 1948 Stalin used...

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Berlin: July 1948, Stalin used soviet troops to blockade Berlin. Soviets refused to allow western vehicles to travel through the soviet zone to reach the city the U.S. responded by flying in tons of provisions during the winter of 1948. Soviets ended their blockade on May of 1949. But the city of Berlin was a symbol of the capitalist, communist divide. Signficance: one of the key factors leading to the cold war Chernobyl: 1986, a nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine. Large quantities of radioactive contamination spread into the atmosphere and all over western USSR and Europe. Chernobyl was under the direct jurisdiction of the central Moscow’s authorities who tried to cover up the outbreak. This resulted in the people of Moscow being hit hard by the lethal consequences of the government cover up. This ultimately led to no officials being reelected in the following Moscow elections. European Coal and Steel Community: Led by the creation of the common movement which evolved into the EU, in 1951 Italy, France, West Germany, Belgium, Luxemberg and the Netherlands formed the ESCC, which attempted to arrange for W. Germany’s steel and coal to benefit all of
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history 112 study guide - Berlin July 1948 Stalin used...

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