30 - Forced Industrialization Agriculture Collectivization...

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USSR: Renegade State Civil War League of Nations Renunciation of Debt Communism Building Socialism? War Communism Economic collapse (1921) -Industry 1/5 of 1913 -Workers 8.6m to 1.5 -Famine & Epidemics -Refugees (2m ppl left, tended to be best and brightest) -Soldiers (demobilize, where do they go? What do they do? There is no Economy!) New Economic Program (NEP). 1921-1928 Lenin’s Funeral, 1924 Successor to Lenin: Nikolai Bukhann Leon Trotsky -Believed in World wide socialist revolution - Permanent Revolution at home (No Gradualism)
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- Joseph Stalin -General Secretary of the Communist Party Five-Year Plans First-Five Year Plan 1928-1932
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Unformatted text preview: Forced Industrialization Agriculture Collectivization -Kulaks-Famine 1932-1933 Second Five-Year Plan 1933-1937 Iron/Steel 400% Coal 300% Urbanization Terror: NKVD – arrests, shoots, jails, exiles anyone who resists collectivization Also go after class enemies (i.e. Land owners or sons of land owners or priests) Purges 1933-1938 Show Trials Totalitarianism Toll 1937-1938 8.5 million arrested 1 million of those people shot half of party membership arrested 800,000 killed 8 million in Gulag work camps 1918-1938 22 million dead Summary and Conclusions Stalinized Soviet State Popular Support? Lenin versus Stalin?...
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30 - Forced Industrialization Agriculture Collectivization...

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