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21 - Weltpolitik Russia-German Relations Anglo-German Naval...

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World War 1: Total war and European Society, 1914-1916 10 million dead, 20 million wounded Liberalism: Communism, Fascism, Socialism Underlying Causes: 1. Breakdown of Bismarckian State System 1871-1990, Isolation of France Cooperation with Britain Social-Isolation with Austria-Hungary System of Alliances: Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria, Italy) Triple Entienc (France, Britain, Russia) 1888 Kaiser Wilhelm I dies Kaiser Willhelm II, 1888-1918
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Unformatted text preview: Weltpolitik: Russia-German Relations Anglo-German Naval Race Triple-Enteinc-1907 Austrian Response and the July Crises July 4, German Blank Checj to Austria July 22, AUSTRIAN altination to Serbia July 25, Serbian Response July 28, Austria-Hungary declares war, invades Serbia July 29, Russian Mobilization Aug 1, German The Western Front: French Warfare and Industrial Killing Timetables and Battle Plans...
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